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Stuffed to the Brim: Easy ways to fill your food with goodness!

I love stuffed food with delicious goodness. Now I'm not crazy enough to make a Turducken but I do find that food is amazing when it bakes together to make unique flavors. This week I made delicious meals with Simply Stuffed Peppers & Yummy Stuffed Mushrooms. Both are FABULOUS vehicles for a hearty dinner because they can be made in advance and then thrown together quickly for a fabulous weekday dinner! Best part about a stuffed something or other is that it has simple ingredients! Really all you need for a stuffing is ground meat, or meat alternative, something to add moisture, and flavor. The flavor can be as creative as you want or simple as you need. My two recipes are simple and delicious!

Simply Stuffed Peppers are so easy to make and can take on varying forms of flavor. I did a stuffing that was precooked so that the flavors meld together and marry. Also, I used ground chicken (which I ground myself in the food processor *GASP*). I also cut the peppers in half vertically to get more surface area and make stuffing that much easier to fill.. plus it makes them look so pretty on the plate! I love making this because I can create the stuffing in advance and then pile it into the pepper, bake, and call it dinner in no time! I also have a package, or two, frozen for a week when I just do not feel like cooking.

I LOVE mushrooms...especially portobello mushrooms. This Stuffed Mushroom recipe is so simple and has less than 10 steps to deliciousness. I chose lamb because I wanted something unique and love the gamey flavor mixed with the beautiful earthy flavor of a portobello mushroom. This recipe can also be made in advance and thrown together on a busy weeknight. I've never tried to freeze these I will have to experiment with the next batch of left overs...(which is often why I haven't tested the freezing capabilities...these left overs do not last long enough to freeze!!)

Obviously, there are SO many foods that can be stuffed with something delicious. I can't wait to hear how you like these recipes! Drop me a line or comment below with your take on these stuffed to the brim recipes!

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