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The Crazy Person Behind the Blog!

Hi! My name is Meredith, and I am a recovering Herb & Spice addict! No really, I have an entire cabinet, drawer, and 16 foot garden dedicated to herbs & spices… OK I may have a problem but herbs & spices are one of the cheapest, and EASIEST, ways to infuse flavor into any dish.  Whether you have one spice, or hundreds, you can transform a dish into something incredible with very little effort!


Spoiler Alert! My favorite spice is…Yep, you guessed it.. THYME.  I use it on everything from apple pies to sauces and steaks.  In fact, every recipe in this blog utilizes this little super herb! Here is a little 'Did You Know' moment: Thyme has natural antioxidants and can boost your mood, reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol, reduce the potential for food poisoning and more! How amazing right!  This little herb can do so much for you…not to mention, it is easy to grow and makes the back yard smell delicious!

I've always had three different cooking routines:  Manic Monday, Watch it Wednesday, and Sunday Funday.  All include a glass, or two, of wine but some actually allow me to get to the table before drinking the entire bottle. 


Ok, all joking aside, I know we all have people to see and places to be so this is set up according to my normal cooking routines and also to fit into any life moment.  Manic Monday is all about 15 minute meals that pack a punch of flavor into a small amount of time.  Watch it Wednesday brings in some go-to 30 minute meals that I've gathered and made my own over many years of cooking.  Sunday Funday are recipes that I've spent many years creating and sharing with friends and family. 


There is always joy in my heart when cooking is involved and I want to help you capture that joy as well. I hope you enjoy your thyme with me.

~ Much Love ~ Meredith

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