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Why Start A Blog?

Thank you so much for stopping by Always Have Thyme!  I hope you enjoy this silly, and sometimes cheeky, blog that is aimed at helping you fall in love with cooking even on a busy schedule.  I was inspired by friends that make being busy an art form!  One of my friends once told me that between work, twins, and a 5-year-old, she has absolutely zero time to cook fresh meals during the week.  She said that she spends Sunday Funday doing meal prep just so she can get a microwave dinner on the table.   This admission by my friend was real, honest, and eye-opening!  Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking meal prep.  It can save a ton of time in the kitchen and get dinner on the table quickly.

I want to help you find your rhythm in the kitchen so you can leave the drive thru and microwave behind.  

Personally, I spent 5+ years struggling through DC traffic for 1-2 hours each way.  When I finally arrived home I just wanted to crash on the sofa with a glass of wine, my husband, and the pups (yes in that order lol) binge-watching NCIS.  This meant that we often hit up our favorite restaurants, or ordered takeout, because I just did not want to cook...and I LOVE to cook so imagine that internal battle?! 


I can only imagine how many people out there feel the same way and just want to crash once they get home and/or are chasing the kids around trying to get in some very important family time. 


This got me thinking…how can I help my friend, and in the process…how can I help myself? Don't get me wrong, I would love to eat out every day but that adds up to a big chunk of our monthly expenses, my sodium levels are probably off the chart, and let's face it, after a while you get into a routine which leads to ordering the 'usual'… at that point you might as well just eat leftovers and save some moola, right? 

I've realized that I want,

no I NEED 

to break free from the box!

I need to find ways to eat at least one fresh homemade meal every day despite how late, or how little time I have after getting home.  Always Have Thyme is about a foodie rediscovering her love for cooking and discovering ways to help everyone find the thyme to fall in love with cooking as well!

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