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Gift Under $30 for Your Favorite Foodie, Chef, or Home Cook!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

As Christmas draws closer, it is time to really start thinking about what to get that favorite foodie in your life! I thought I'd help by putting together a quick list of gifts under $30! These are all fun gidgets or gadgets and chef aids that can help your favorite chef in the kitchen!

So ...who wants to know what do you get your foodie for the holidays? Let's start with Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers

Ball Whisk: This little beauty is a cooks dream (You may even pick it up a time or two!) My little sister introduced me to this whisk and it is my FAVORITE go to for eggs, whipped cream, quick fluffs and stuffs! The only thing it is not good for is anything that needs to be scraped off the side of the bowl.

Angled Silicone Spatula: I have one from Williams Sonoma that I use all the time to scrape bowls, push down food on the side of my mixer and more. It is dishwasher safe and has a great edge so I can get all the yummy goodness out of the bowl! They are also found at Target and Kitchen Gadget store.

Parchment Paper: I am telling you--we use it…EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY! Pick it up at your super store in bulk!

Kitchen Towels & Pot Holders: Lets face it…these puppies get a lot of action. They get singed, ripped, battered & stained…and no matter how many memories one has with a kitchen towel…it needs to be replaced eventually! Best part, William Sonoma typically has them on sale all season!

Cheese Cloth/Twine Ball & Keeper: Honestly, we use these all the time to make our special meals! You can never have too much (ok…maybe you can but you get my point!) If your chef does have too much, then make sure he or she has a fun little twine keeper. It's super cute and will help keep that twine in good condition!

Cheese Papers: These come in SO many options and are all so fun! It is basically butchers paper for cheese and helps keep the cheese longer!

A Dish Washing Pass: Be thoughtful. Give your favorite chef their own pass book of a dish free night. Let the chef decide when they want to skip all the dishes by giving you a coupon! (Think like a get out of jail free card for dishes!)

Under the Tree

Herb Keeper: I kill all things that are not outside….so this is one for the history books! There are so many great options for an indoor herb keeper that help to prolong the life of cut herbs for extended use in the kitchen!

Mineral Oil: Ok, this follows perfectly after the wooden spoon…wood tools need to be conditioned or they will dry out and fall apart… This is an essential in any kitchen to prolong your wooden tools & boards!

Bluetooth Speaker: I know this isn't necessarily a cooks tool but it is nice to have some music while cooking up a storm in the kitchen! :)

Apron: I have had the same apron since I was in middle school…and I still absolutely love it and use it everyday! But, it is fun to switch it up and have a backup when you have a total kitchen melt down! Lol (Want to make it special? Add a monogram!! Most malls have a kiosk this time of year that will monogram for under $10!)

Infused Olive Oil/ Vinegar: These are great because it removes a step in the flavor process and means your favorite chef can spend a little more time with you than in the kitchen! You can find these at a local Olive Oil store, or hit up the TJMaxx food isle!

Spice Rack: Because god knows most cooks have their favorite spices strewn all over the counter (ok…by most cooks…I mean me…) so pick up a small spot for your favorite chef to place their favorite spices and always have them at their fingertips!

The Perfect French Wooden Spoon: You can never have enough of this spoon…I have two and am always looking for a 3rd or 4th. I always end up washing it a million times throughout the day. The perfect wooden spoon is like Goldie Locks & the 3 Bears! It is not too big, not too small, and has just the right scoop! I prefer the Williams Sonoma spoon but I know it is found practically everywhere!

iPad/iPhone Stand: I have an small bamboo iPad stand but it doesn't always give me full access to my iPad and/or phone. I decided to do a little digging and think I found two pretty awesome replacements on Amazon!! First is the iKross 2 in 1 Kitchen Wall/CounterTop mount. It seems to give you a lot of options for placement! The second is called the Prepara IPrep. It is slim and can fit into a drawer. Bonus, it also comes with a stylus! P.S. I have not tried either of these stands don't shoot the messenger if it does not work lol!

If you search iPad Stand for Kitchen on Amazon, you will find these and other suggestions! I like this because it can sit at various angles, has a stylus to use for messy hands and folds flat for easy storage! Definitely a great option for the tech friendly kitchen!

Want more ideas or have a great idea for your favorite foodie? Comment below or message me!



DISCLAIMER: This is a list of items I personally enjoy and/or are on my personal wish list. I am not currently a brand ambassador for any of these items aside from my personal love of the quality and product itself.

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