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Thyme For  Dinner
Hi Ya'll!  Great to Meet You!

I'm a recipe blogger who drops her phone in her food.  Really though, I'm just a woman channeling her inner Julia Child to help you fall in love with cooking again!  I hope you enjoy my cheeky behavior and recipes that are created for any lifestyle!

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What's the Difference?

Why do you list two sets of ingredients? >>>


Sometimes you just want to know what you absolutely need to complete a recipe, right? So, I included the essentials of a dish, and a few substitutions, so you can add your own flair and skip a trip to the store for items you may not have on hand!

Why do you list two sets of ingredients?

Fresh or Dry Herbs

Does it matter what I use? >>>


That depends on what you are cooking! A good quality dry herb can substitute for most dishes. However, a fresh herb is typically preferred & great for uncooked meals!  It adds a nice pizzazz to finish a dish as well!

Fresh or Dry Herbs does it matter?

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